Cabaret Magician

About Sean ...

Sean Carpenter's original blend of magic and comedy has been described by The Stage & Television Today as "outstanding", and by his Dad as "not a real job".  As one of the UK's leading stage magicians, Sean Carpenter is modern, fast, and very funny. But don't expect the humour to come from tricks going wrong - Sean’s magic is guaranteed to leave you amazed as well as entertained! When Sean restores a torn newspaper in less than a second, or memorises the complete works of Shakespeare in only slightly longer, you’ll understand why he is regarded as one of the UK’s most astonishing magicians.

"Seeing Sean in action and the amazed responses of his audience, tells you that he has a very special gift. He leaves them dazzled thinking how on earth did he do that! Remember the name Sean Carpenter ... he just might know yours before you tell him!" 


"Sean Carpenter, who won a close-up magic award last year, showed that he can make the transition to a large stage with ease and charm. He would be great on TV and is bound to impress the corporate market"

- The Stage and Television Today

Why book a cabaret magician?

Magic is perhaps the world’s most interactive form of entertainment, and Sean’s magic show is packed with audience participation. Let's face it, even for a magician it is very difficult to read minds without having someone's mind to read. Don’t worry about sitting near the front, though, as Sean’s warm and playful personality will ensure that everybody has fun without the jokes being at their expense.


Comedy magician Sean Carpenter has over twenty years experience in entertaining audiences of all sizes, in venues ranging from private living rooms to theatres and cruise ships. So, whether it's an intimate cabaret for ten people, or a stage performance for an audience of hundreds, Sean has a professional show of magic, mindreading and comedy to fit your needs.   

Sean Carpenter is a reliable professional entertainer that you can book with confidence to turn your awards ceremony, dinner or corporate event into an evening of fun and amazement that your guests will remember for many years to come!

Looking for a Close-Up Magician?

Sean Carpenter is also one of the UK's top close-up magicians, and a winner of the British Close-Up Magic Championships!  To see what Sean can offer as a close-up, table magician, please click the magic button below to visit